Video Sermons

Elder Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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Elder Timothy Guess

A Message of Hope - 4/10/2020

Implications of the Resurrection of Jesus - 4/12/2020

Joe Holder

A Kind and Powerful Jesus - 4/8/2020PM - John 1:11-13

Did God Send The Virus - 3/25/2020PM

God's Self-Revelation - 3/22/2020AM

John Preaches Jesus - John 1:19-28 STREAM

Life and Light - 4/5/2020AM - John 1:4-10

Our Good Shepherd - And More - 3/29/2020AM - Psalm 23

The Christian Response To Trials - 3/20/2020 - Habakkuk 3:17-18

The Word Made Flesh - John 1:14 STREAM

Unless I See - 4/12/2020AM - John 20:24-29

Word? Who? - 4/21/2020PM - John 1:1-3

Elder Marty Hoskins

Come Unto Me STREAM

Not Willing That Any Should Perish STREAM

The God of the Impossible - 3/29/2020AM

Elder Ronald Lawrence

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Elder Jeff Winfrey

A Call For Repentance - 4/5/2020AM

Faith Overcometh - 3/29/2020AM

Five Words Of Salvation - 2/19/2020PM - PDF

From Insurrection to Resurrection - 4/12/2020AM - PDF

Galatians: It's All About Jesus - 3/1/2020AM - PDF

God and Corona - 3/15/2020AM - PDF

God's Grace Called Election - 4/1/2020PM - PDF

In the Kingdom in the End STREAM

Introduction to the Kingdom of Heaven - 11/20/2019 - PDF

More On Prayer - 3/22/2020AM - PDF

One Having Authority - 1/19/2020AM - PDF

Preach Christ and Watch the Wonder STREAM

Reconciled Even To Oneness In God - 2/16/2020AM - PDF

Romans: It's All About Jesus - 2/23/2020AM - PDF

The Bible's Position on Sin STREAM

The Coming of Heaven in Heaven - 1/29/2020PM - PDF

The Pre-eminence - 2/9/2020AM - PDF

Them He Also Called - 3/11/2020PM - PDF

Them He Also Glorified - 3/25/2020PM - PDF

Them He Also Justified - 3/18/2020PM - PDF

Thoughts On Prayer - 3/8/2020AM - PDF

Whom He Did Foreknow - 2/26/2020PM - PDF

Whom He Did Predestinate - 3/4/2020PM - PDF

Why Doesn't God Give Everyone A Chance? - 4/8/2020PM

Elder Ben Winslett

Seeking and Turning STREAM