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1 John 5:19-20  

1 John 5:20  

1 Peter - Sufferings Of Christ - Bethel

1 Peter 3  

1 Peter 3:11 3/8/1982 - Perryton TX  

1 Timothy 3:15 Search for Sonny Pyles

1  Timothy 3:16 Radio  

2  Chronicles 16:12  

2 Peter 1:16  

2  Peter 2  

3  Ways To Try The Spirit Search for Sonny Pyles

5 S Tonic Of The Scriptures

7 Sayings Of Christ On The Cross

100 Per Cent Blessing In The Gospel

A Better Resurrection

A Better Resurrection Search for Sonny Pyles

A Faithful Saying Search for Sonny Pyles

A Few Bad Leaders

A Good and Perfect Gift

A Good Name

A Living Sacrifice 3/30/2002-Jackson

A Nation of Deists-Religion of the Day 8/13/2006 AM Bethel

A Pattern For Handling Problems

A Pound of Spikenard-5/23/1987-Beaver WVA-LITTLE VINE

A Spirit Of Discouragement

A Step Between Me and Death-1/22/1980

Abraham 11/18/2007 Radio

Abraham Believed God

Abraham Isaac Jacob 1

Abraham Isaac Jacob 2

Abraham The Friend Of God

Abraham The Friend Of God #2

Abrahams Seed


Adam Compared To Christ-1978—Romans 5:14   

Addicted To Ministry Of Saints 1 Corinthians 16:15  

Addiction 7/28/2001-BEULAH

Adequate Qualified Ministers-1982

All Our Righteousnesses-Isaiah 64:60 - 7/9/2006-Broadcast   

All Things Are Of God

All Things Are Yours-5/14/1981-Floydada TX

Alpha and Omega-E Lake Birmingham 3/14/1980

Always That Seemeth Right  

Ambassadors 2/5/1999 PM

An Open Door 12/2/2007 Broadcast

And We Know... - 1 John 5:19,20 - 8/9/2012 PM  

And We Know That We Are Of God


Aptitude, Attitude, Altitude

Are Primtive Baptist Evangelistic-Acts 10:1   

Are You A Prisoner-Elder Sonny Pyles

Ascension Of Christ


Backsliding 3/24/1985 Forrest

Baptism 11/23/1985

Baptism of Christ

Barren Women 2/27/2005

Be Transformed Not Conformed To This World

Be Transformed - Not Conformed To This World - Romans 12:1-3 - 3/27/2002   

Be Ye Transformed 1/18/2009 Radio

Behave Thyself Beulah 6/29/2002

Behaving In The House Of God 1 Timothy 3:14  

Being Filled With The Spirit 11/24/1989 Jackson

Belief Alone Cannot Get You To Heaven-Big Harpeth

Belief John 6:28   

Believing 10/20-21/2002 Vestavia

Believing God - Part 1 - 10/26/2007

Believing God - Part 1 - 10/26/2007  

Believing God - Part 2 - 10/27/2007

Believing God - Part 2 - 10/27/2007

Believing God vs Believing In God 12/31/2006 Radio

Better Hope Hebrews 7:19 1/28/1989   

Better Is The End Of A Thing

Better Resurrection

Better Things 8/20/2006 Radio

Beulah 4/30/2000

Beulah 6/29/2002

Beware Of False Prophets

Bible Evidence 2/24/1978 Winter Garden FL

Biblical Warfare 11/19/1976 Muleshoe TX

Birth, Belief, Baptism

Birthmarks, Growthmarks, Watermarks, Family marks-1984

Blessed Are They That Sow Beside All Waters 2/18/1985

Blessed Art Thou, Simon Barjona

Blessed For Christs Sake 2/24/2000

Blessed for Christ's Sake - Ephesians 4:32 - 2/24/2000   

Blessed For Others Sake Genesis 30:27   

Blessing Of Old Age When Walking With God

Blind Man John 9-Big Harpeth   

Blindness-Natural, Spiritual, Judicial


Bodily Exercise Profiteth Little-1 Tim 4:8-Little Union 1/22/1986  

Book Of Isaiah-The Bible Within The Bible 8/13/2005 Bethel

Borders Jackson 2/25/2004

Bread Of The Gospel 2/27/2000

Broken Cisterns

Burdens Of Gods People


By Gods Word 7/10/1991 Jackson

By Little and Little-Exodus 23:30 1/15/2006 Radio   

By Little and Little - Exodus 23:30 - 1/15/2006 - Radio   

By The Grace Of God I Am What I Am-Zion Rest-Jasper Ala-8/24/1989

Caught Up Into Heaven 2/26/1994

Cause And Effect

Cause of Sin 4/1/1980

Changes Psalm 55   

Character, Reputation and Self-Esteem 8/19/1986 Vestavia


Charity 12/7/2008 Radio

Charity 1 Corinthians 13 10-31-89  

Charity 8/25/1979 Eureka Chula Ga

Chastisement 3/12/2006 Broadcast

Chastisement 4/6/2008 Radio

Chastisement Of God Revelation 3:19-End Truncated   

Chastisement Of The Lord - Hebrews 12:5 8/2/2009 Radio   

Choices Hebrews 11:24   

Christ And The Living Word

Christ Fulfilled The Law

Christ in Stone

Christ Magnified 7/6/2008 Radio

Christ Order Of Melchisedec

Christ Rules And Reigns Today 8/24/1984 Eureka

Christ The Great Shepherd

Christian Soldiers

Christian Warfare 4/15/2007 AM Radio

Christians and Disciples 4/8/2007 Radio

Christs Death-Beulah 1/28/2001

Christs First Coming And Return Reasons For 8/2/1983

Cleansing 1/20/2008 Broadcast

Clouds of the Bible 5/13/1981 Floydada TX

Coming To Christ

Coming To God 8/19/2007 Radio

Coming To God 9/27/2009 Radio

Comparisons Between King David and Christ-6/29/2008

Condemnation-Romans8 - 4/30/2006 Broadcast   

Condemnation 8/22/1985 John 3:17 Eureka   


Condescension Of Christ Romans 12:16   

Confidence of God - 8/9/2009 AM

Confidence of God 8/9/2009 AM

Constructive And Destructive Criticism

Cost Of Discipleship

Counsel 2 Psalm 33:10  

Count The Cost Beulah 4/29/2000

Courtrooms 1

Courtrooms 2

Courtrooms 3

Creation Vs Evolution


Defenders - 1 Samuel 19:11 3/21/2008  

Defenders - 1 Samuel 19:11 - 3/21/2008  

Deformed, Transformed, Informed, Reformed

Deliverance-Little Zion 11/28/1976

Delivered From Death

Departing From The Faith

Departure 2/5/2006 Broadcast

Dependability 6/27/1978 Big Harpeth

Determined Counsel

Devices Of Satan 1/28/1988 Jackson

Differences 1/28/1990 Jackson

Different Names Primitive Baptists Are Called-Little Union

Different Salvations-Sycamore GA 8/23/1975

Different Types Of Children 8/22/1984

Discouragement 3/5/2006 Broadcast

Divine Healing-Not Divine Healers

Divine Healing - Not Divine Healers - 6/5/2007

Divine Preservation Of The Word)of God 8/26/1974

Doctrines of Election 5/9/1974 Floyada TX

Dont See Signs Psalm 74:9-End Truncated   

Dress For Success 1/21/1983 Little Union

Early Morning Risers 11/14/1978 Muleshoe

Earnest Expectation

Earnest Expectation 7/6/2008 Radio

Earthen Pots

Earthen Vessels


Elected Together With You 6/28/2003 Beulah

Enlightenment 3/26/2006 Radio

Ensamples Of Noah, Lot, Samson, David, Jacob

Enter Ye In At The Strait Gate 9/30/1990


Ephesians 2:8-10 4/21/2007   

Ephesians 4   

Ephesians 4:30   

Esteem 8/20/1984

Evidence 10/28/1977 Indian Creek Greenville WVa

Evidence Against Evolution-Part 1 of 2

Evidence Against Evolution-Part 2 of 2 Jackson-1993

Excuses 8/11/2007 AM Bethel

Exhortations Against Disrupting Church Services

Exhortations Against Disrupting Church Services - 10/30/1991

Expounding on Psalm 68:13 - 8/7/2010   

Exodus 4:2   

Expected End

Experience of the Apostle Peter 11/11/1980 Muleshoe TX

Experienced 5/28/2006

Extremes Deuteronomy 5:32   

Eyes Opened 6/22/2008 Radio

Ezekiel Sat Where They Sat


Faith And Coming To God-9/20/2009 Radio

Faith And True Sayings 1/28/1990

Faith Hebrews 11:1-30 10/30/1989   

Faith Works By Love

False Christs 3/1/1989 Five Mile

Fear - 11/6/2005 PM

Fear Of God 8/29/2008

Feast Of The Tabernacles

Fellow 1/23/1982 Little Union Lithia FL

Fellow Associates 4/28/1984


Fellowship Relationship

Fillings Of The Spirit 9/28/2008

Final Love Letter 1/22/1983 Little Union Lithia FLA

Fingerwork Of God

Fire and the Word 1/23/1978 Winter Garden FL

First Adam Last Adam-Jackson 4/28/2001

Five Deaths Genesis 2:17   

Five Words 2 Peter 1:20  

Flee, Follow, Fight 8/20/1976 Eureka

For Jonathans Sake

Four Crucifixions Galatians 2:20   

Four Deaths 11/22/2002

Four Questions Of Religion Psalm 119:98   

Four Types Of People

Four Ways Of Chastisement


Freely 4/13/2008 Radio

Freely Given 4/13/2008 Radio Romans 8:32   

From Jerusalem To Jerico

From The Cross To A Crown 8-25-84

Fruitbearing John 15:4   

Galatians 6:14   


Gathered Unto His People

Gaza Strip - 8/9/2014 PM - Bethel

Giving Freely 5/21/2006 Broadcast

Gnat Straining 8/26/1983 Pleasant Plains Danville

God Chooses-Jackson-4/26/2001

God Hath Cleansed 2/10/2008 Radio Acts 10:15 and Acts 11:9   

God Maketh The Heart Soft

God Measures You With Your Standard

God Putteth The Solitary In Families 8/26/1984

God Was Justified in the Spirit - 3/2/2008 1 Timothy 3:16

God Was...Justified In The Spirit - 1 Timothy 3:16 - 3/2/2008 Radio  

Godliness Without Controversy 1 Timothy 3:16 11/2/1989  

Gods Changes 10/21/2006 Bethany

Gods Defense 8/30/2008

Gods Measuring Standard 2/25/2005

God's Measuring Stick 9/2/2009 Radio

Gods Measuring Stick-Glory Follows Suffering 1/7/2007 Radio

Gods Right Hand Man 10/13/1980

Gods Standard for Successful Preachers

Gods Thoughts and Expectations 5/5/1980

Gods Two Major Covenants 8/21/1981

Gods Unusual Ways 8/30/2008

Good, Acceptable, Perfect Will of God-3/22/2009Broadcast

Good and Acceptable and Perfect Will of God - Romans 12:2 - 9/24/2006 - Radio   

Good and Acceptable and Perfect Will of God - 9/24/2006 Romans 12:2

Gospel Baptism 3/11/1982

Grace Calling and Suffering 1/4/2007 Radio

Grace For Lot, Jacob, Samson, David Sins

Grace Of God Appeared Unto All 1/20/1982 Little Union Lithia FL

Grace To Save, Grace To Serve - 5/25/2005

Grace Unexpected

Grave Full, Worship Empty

Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness

Growth In Grace 5/24/1987 John 9   

Harmony Of Science And Theology 8/22/1982

Have These Things Always In Remembrance 5/28/2006 Radio

Have Ye Forgotten 11/20/2002

He Giveth More Grace 8/13/2005 James 4:6   

He Religion Vs It Religion

He Shewed Them His Hands-Luke 24:40 5/07/2006 Broadcast  

He Showed Them His Hands And His Feet 06/01/2008 Radio

He That Hath Ears To Hear Let Him Hear 10/14/1986

He That Winneth Souls Is Wise

Heaven 1 Corinthians 2:9  

Hebrews 11:6 10/23/1987   

Hebrews 2:1-3 3/2/1981   

Hebrews 4:12-13   

Hebrews 7:19   

Helmet of Hope of Salvation 10/31/1983 Salem

Here Comes The Groom 2/22/2002

High-Time 6/5/1987

Him Declare I Unto You

His Arm Brought Salvation 3/30/2008 Radio Isaiah 59:16   

Holy Ghost 7/23/1976 Appleby TX

Holy Things Made With Hands

Homosexuality Talk 7/31/1980

Honor 3/1987 Parkview


Hope - Psalm 119:16 - 8/24/1979   

Hope Philippians 1:20   

Hope Philippians 1:20-10/4/2009 Radio   

Hosea-Sin of Ephraim

Hours-Different Hours Set Forth In The Bible John 11:9 6/24/2001 Big Harpeth   

Hours-Hour of Regeneration 10/15/2006 Broadcast

Hours 10/8/2006 Radio

House Of God 4/16/2006 Radio

How Beautiful Are The Feet

How Can Man Be Just Before God? - 8/12/2011 PM - Bethel

How Dead People Speak

How Men Corrupt The Word Of God 10/30/1983 Wayfare Church Stockton GA

How Thou Oughtest To Behave Thyself In The House Of God 3/23/2008 Radio

How To Keep Our Blessings-Cedar Creek

How To Study The Bible-Jackson 3/28/2002

How To Study The Bible 4/22/2007 Radio

I Am

I AM 8/17/2008 Radio

I Am The Way Truth and Life

I Sat Where They Sat - 8/11/2011 PM - Bethel

I Shall Not Be Moved 2/21/2003

I Stand In Awe Of The Bible

Identify Ruling Spirits 1 John 4:1  

Identifying The Church

If There Be No Resurrection

If There Be No Resurrection - 1 Corinthians 15:13 - 3/29/2006  

Imaginations 8/26/1989

In Christ 8/22/1981

In Remembrance 10/29/2006 Mozingo Broadcast

In The Beginning - 10/28/2007

In The Beginning-10/28/2007 Radio In The Beginning - Genesis 1:1 - 10/28/2007   

In The Day of Prosperity Be Joyful - Ecclesiastes 7:14 - 8/7/2014 PM - Bethel   

In The Fulness Of Time

In Thee Is The Fountain Of Life

Influence-East Lake Church-Birmingham 8/23/1986

Interpreting the Old Testament Using The New 7/29/2007 Radio

Involuntary And Voluntary Obedience 8/24/1983

Is First Place Best


Isaac And Ishmael 8/25/1989 East Lake Church Birmingham

Isaac And The Bride 1/23/1980 Lithia FL

Isaac And The Lord Jesus-Jackson 1/29/2005

Isaac as Portrait of Christ

Isaac as Portrait of Christ-Continued

Isaac as Portrait of Christ-Takes Wife

Isaiah-Bible within Bible

Isaiah-Three Looks 11/22/2000 Jackson

Isaiah 26:10 Union 1987   

Isaiah 40 7/22/2007 Radio   

Isaiah 53 10/28/2007 Radio   

Isaiah 60:1-3 Radio 3/1/2009   

Isaiah 9:6 3/19/2006 Broadcast   

It Is A Faithful Saying

It Vs He

It vs He 4/22/2000

Jackson-Sat AM 3/30/2002 Romans 12   

Jacobs Ladder 1/25/1980

Jeremiah 12:5 10/13/1981   

Jesus Christ The Deliverer

Jesus Never Lost An Argument

Jesus Saved Yes No Isaiah 43:10   

Job is an Old Wise Book

John 12   

John 13:1 1/29/1988   

John 17 and Singing   

Jonah 6/25/1978

Joseph Figure Of Christ Genesis 37   

Joshua 7:1-Big Harpeth   

Joy Of The Unknown 8/21/1982




Judicial Blindness - Isaiah 6:8-11 - 9/10/2006   

Judical Blindness - Isaiah 6:8-11 - 9/10/2006 - Radio   

Justification 4/23/2006 Radio

Justification Luke 7:29   

Justified in the Spirit-1 Timothy 3:16 6/11/2006Broadcast  

Key Words in Hebrews 8/6/2006 Broadcast

Key Words in Hebrews #2 8/13/2006 Broadcast

Key Words In Hebrews 2/8/2009 Radio

Kindness and Mercy For The Sake of Others 8/5/2007 Radio

Kindness For Sake Of Others-Broadcast 12/11/2005

Kindness for the Sake of Others - 12/11/2005 - Radio

King Asa 12/31/1978

Kingdom Of Heaven 2 Timothy 2:15  


Know God, Rather Known of God - 2/24/2008 Galatians 4:6-11

Know Your Enemy

Knowing The Terror Of The Lord We Persuade Men

Last Will And Testament Of Jesus Christ 9/3/1979 Lubbock TX

Last Words-2 Samuel 23:1 7/16/2006 Radio  

Laws 12/30/1984

Lazarus-Things Old And New 8/22/1983

Lead Me In The Plain Path

Leprosy and The Defilement of Sin 1/27/2008 Radio

Lesson From Prayers

Let This Mind Be In You 8/23/1981

Lien Among The Pots

Little By Little 1 John 5:21  

Living In Denial - Titus 2:11-13 - 8/11/2012 AM   

Looking Beyond 11/23/2002


Love Charity and His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful

Luke 24 06/14/2009   

Luke 24 (Continued)-6/21/2009   

Luke Passover Upper Room

Lust and Pride 1/29/1989 Jackson

Man Dieth & Where Is He 12/22/1976-Dallas TX


Man's Hour and Christ's Hour - 1/3/2010 Radio

Man's Measuring Stick and God's Measuring Stick 6/24/1984 Big Harpeth


Marriage Reference Found In Bible Matthew 22:2   

Martha, Mary and Lazarus - 8/13/2011 PM - Bethel

Matthew 11:24-25 2/18/1990  

Matthew 20 2/17/2008 Radio   

Mingled Seed-Leviticus 19:19 9/17/2006 Broadcast   

More Abundant Life

More Blessed To Give Than To Receive 1/22/1983 Little Union-Lithia FL

More Than One Salvation

Moses And The Rock 8/21/1986

Mountains 1-14-1977 Lubbock

My Light And Salvation - Psalm 27:1 - 4/14/2008   

My Light and Salvation - Psalm 27:1 - 4/14/2008   

Mystery Made Known By Revelation 8/20/1984

Mystery Of Godliness

Mystery of Godliness - 1 Timothy 3:16 - 11/2/2003 PM  

Names - Beulah - 6/29/2008

Natural And Spiritual Creature

Natural Creation 11/1972

Natural Creation

Natural Spiritual Judicial Blindness 8/23/1983

Nature And Nuture 5/24/1987

Necessity Of Killing Proverbs 6:16   

Neglect 1989

Neglect Not-06/07/2009-Radio

Neglect Not 4/25/1981 Zion Rest Jasper AL

Never Man Spake Like This Man 11/17/1978 Muleshoe

New Things-2 Corinthians 5:17 7/27/2008 Radio  

New Things 7/28/1979 Bellflower CA

No Husband 10/24/1986

No Vision People Perish 11/09/1981 Muleshoe TX

Not Now But Later


Obedience 6/4/2006 Broadcast

Obedience 7/20/2008 Radio


Obtain Help From God 1/24/1982 Little Union Lithia FL

Office Of Deacon

Old Age Ecclesiastes 12   

Old Testament Examples


One Day Away-Three Days Back 8/27/1978

One Greater Than Solomon Is Here

One In Unity-John 17:20-21 8/8/2005 Bethel   

One Of The Tactics Of Satan That He Has Used To Deceive Gods People-6/28/1987 Big Harpeth One Simple Way

One Step From Death

One Way Mirror 2/27/1988-1 Samuel 15:16  

Only One Way-Jackson


Ought Not Christ To Have Suffered-6/22/2008 Radio

Ought Not Christ To Have Suffered-6/29/2008 Radio

Ought Not Christ To Have Suffered These Things


Parables 6/27/2002 Big Harpeth

Parables 10/22/2006 Bethany

Parables 10/22/2006 Broadcast

Parables-Parable of the Sower 10/29/2006 Broadcast

Parallels of Joseph and Christ

Payment In Kind-5/26/1988

People Being Justified In The Sight Of God

People Imagining Vain Things

Personal Salvation

Philippians 2:5   

Pleasing Others

Portraits Of Christ In Psalms 10/18/2009 Radio

Portraits Of Christ In Psalms (Continued) 10/25/2009 Radio

Portraits Of Christ In Psalms 11/15/2009 Radio

Portraits of Christ In Psalms 11/22/2009 Radio

Portraits Of Christ In Psalms 11/29/2009 Radio

Portraits Of Christ In Psalms 12/6/2009 Radio

Portraits Of Christ In The Psalms 11/1/2009 Radio

Portraits Of The Lord Jesus Christ 1/28/2006 Jackson

Portraits of the Son of God Broadcast 10/1/2006

Prayer (and Singing)

Prayers Of Christ

Prayers Of Paul And Peter 3/8/2009 Radio

Prayers of Paul and Peter 5/25/2008 Radio

Prayers Of Paul and Peter 7/13/2008 Radio

Prayers of Paul and Peter 11/12/2006 Radio

Prayers Of Paul And Peter 9/6/2009 Radio

Praying-5/11/2008 Radio

Predestination-9/18/1972 BBH

Preparations 8/19/1982

Preparing For Death-5/22/1987 Indian Creek


Pressure To Produce

Proper Use of the Word Come-John 6:44 8/12/2006   

Prophecies Fulfilled-Ought Not Christ To Have Suffered These Things 7/2/2006 Radio

Prophecies of Christ in Isaiah 1/6/2008 Radio

Prophecies Of Christ In The Old Testament - 1/10/10 Radio


Proverbs 24:3-4 10/20/1987   

Proverbs 30-Four Things   

Psalm 69 12/18/2005 Radio  

Psalms 22; Psalm 23; Psalm 24 Psalm 1:1   

Purpose Of The Law 5/6/2007 Radio

Putting In Remembrance - 2 Peter 1:13 - 1/22/2006 Radio  

Question Of Romans 8-Romans 8:31   

Rain, Gods Use Of

Reactions To The Gospel

Real Reason For Parables Matthew 13:10   


Refutation Of Soul Sleeping

Rejoice In The Lord 3/18/2007 Radio

Rejoicing In The Lord 5/6/1982 Floydada Tx

Relationship Between The Lord And His Family-6/30/2002

Remembering-2 Samuel 23:1 7/16/2006 Radio  

Render Honor Unto Whom Honor Is Due 6/28/1987 Big Harpeth

Renewed In Mind 8/12/2007 Radio Ephesians 4:23   

Rest-Tired Creek 10/28/1983

Resurrection 5/29/1994 Beulah

Resurrections of the Bible 04/22/1981 Birmingham AL

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth 1/2/1975 2 Timothy 2:15 Pleasant Home Augusta Ga  

Rise And Shine 8/31/2008

Romans 12:16 Jackson   

Running The Christian Race 1/21/1986 Little Union 1 Corinthians 9:24-27  

Ruth 8/23/1981

Ruth And Boaz-Gospel Of Grace

Sacrifice For One-Man, Family, Nation, World

Sacrifice For One - Man, Family, Nation, World - 1/7/2006

Salt-Colossians 4:6 5/19/1983   

Salvation, Joy And Security 8/27/1983 Eureka

Sanctification 4/20/2008 Radio 1 Corinthians 1:1-2  

Sanctification - 5/14/2006 - Radio

Sanctified, Preserved And Called

Satan-The Strong Man Armed-Bethel

Satisfaction and Contentment 8/9/2007 PM Bethel

Science So Called

Security Of The Believer-Little Union

Seeds Of The Bible

Serve The Lord With Gladness-Psalm 100 12/24/2006 Radio   

Serving The Lord With Gladness-Beulah 6/28/2003

Seven Churches of Asia

Seven Cities Of Refuge

Seven Commandments To Come To The Lord

Seven Feasts-Beulah 07/27/2001

Seven Shalls Of Messanic Prophecy

Seven Togethers

Shadow of a Great Rock-Isaiah 32 8/12/2006 AM Bethel   

Shadows Of The Scriptures 8/22/1982

Shall He Live Again 4/1/2007 Radio

Sheep, Brethren, Disciples And Friends

Short Remarks About PB Missionary Opposition

Sight On The Cross

Signs Of The Times 11/24/2002 Little Union

Simon-BarJona And Jonah

Simplicity In Christ 2/4/1999


Sin-Sulfur Springs

Sin Compared to Disease 6/28/2001 Big Harpeth

Sin Is A Sickness Jeremiah 8:22   

Sin Of The Saints

Small Things-1989

Solomon-A Type Of Jesus Christ-8/11/2005 PM

Some Mens Sins Are Open Beforehand

Some Things That Are In Vain

Son Go Work Today In My Vineyard 8/8/1980 Bethel

Son Of Man 6/10/2007 AM Radio

Song Of Solomon

Song of Solomon 10/28/1991 Smoky Mtn

Song of Solomon 2   

Songs In Psalms


Sorrow Looks Back-Faith Looks Up

Sought Not Unto The Lord

Soul Saving-One Salvation-Many Types 11/16/1976

Sound Things Psalms 119:80 Bethsaida 3/23/1985   

Sowing Wheat

Speaking In Tongues

Spirit Of Discouragement

Spiritual Communication 8/20/1976 Pleasant Plains

Spiritual Maturity Part 1

Spiritual Maturity Part 2

Spiritual "Vitamin F Complex" - 8/12/2012 AM - Bethel

Spiritual With Spiritual

Standard Of Judgements

Staying Or Departing In Hope Broadcast 2/26/2006

Stripping Jesus Matthew 27:28   

Study 8/27/1983

Study To Be Quiet-8/6/2009 AM

Study to be Quiet 8/6/2009

Study To Show Thyself Approved-3/16//2006


Submitting To Authority 2/22/2005 Tyler

Suffering - Senter 4/15/2008 PM

Supposed Errors In The Scriptures

Surety 8/25/1977 Philemon

Talking Dead People 11/21/2002 Little Union

Teaching His Children Augusta 7/14/1978

Teaching Preaching of Christ 10/31/1991 Smoky Mountain

Temptations Of Life

That Abundant Life

The Abundant Life-Muleshoe

The Alabaster Box 01/22/1977 New Hope

The Anointing 3/18/2008 1 John 2:27  

The Anointing Oil Of The Holy Spirit 2/13/2003 Tyler

The Ascension Of Christ 5/10/1979 Floydada TX

The Author

The Bad Head

The Blood 8/23/1974 Hamilton PBC

The Book Bible 8/20/1981

The Book Of Philemon 8/10/2007 PM Bethel

The Brazen Serpent

The Brook Cidron Senter 4/18/2008 PM

The Chariots Of God

The Chastening Of The Lord 4/06/2008 Radio Hebrews 12:5   

The Christian Soldier

The Church Of The Living God 3/16/2008 AM Radio

The Churches of Asia-Smoky Mtn Meeting 1992

The Clothing of Jesus Christ-6/26/2001 Big Harpeth

The Color Purple

The Commandments Of The Lord Are Exceeding Broad-11/12/1980 Muleshoe

The Common People 11/13/1981 Mark 12:7 Muleshoe TX   

The Condescension Of Christ-10/21/1987

The Countersign of the Cross-New Hope Winter Garden FL-1/25/1976

The Courtrooms 1/21/1983 Little Union

The Cross 3/4/2007 Radio

The Crucifixion of Christ-(Incomplete but used anyway)

The Death of the Righteous 8/14/2011 AM - Bethel

The Determined Paths Of Christ 8/18/2001

The Fig Tree

The Fillings of the Spirit - 6/30/2010 AM Radio Psalm 110

The Final Preservation Of The Saints Psalm 125:2   

The Fools of the Bible-1/19/1976 Faith PBC Ocala FLA

The Four Crucifixions

The Four Gospels 8/22/1981

The Four Most Dangerous Books Of The Bible 2/22/2003 Tyler

The Furniture of the Tabernacle-5/01/1977 Floydada TX

The Garden-1/28/1980 Lithia Fla

The Garden Of The Lord-7/28/1979 Bellflower Ca

The Glory Of God

The Gospel

The Gospel-Three Looks

The Gospel Carried To The Gentiles 2/3/2008 Radio

The Government Of The New Testament Church

The Great Seal-Little Union Lithia 1/22/1982

The Great Seal Of The Almighty

The Great Shepherd of the Sheep-5/9/1978 Floydada TX

The Greater Glory 10/22/2006

The Half-Hinges of the Bible-Little Union-1/20/1976 Picnic FL

The Hammer Of Gods Word

The Hands of the Lord Jesus Christ 4/29/1995 Beulah

The Harmony Of Theology And Theology

The Hatred Of God

The Heart

The Heart of the Wise 1/23/1983 El Bethel Tampa FL

The Heart Of The Wise Teacheth His Mouth

The Honor Of The Father-8/8/2009

The Honor of the Father 8/8/2009

The Hour Of Man And The Power Of Darkness 8/26/1983

The Hour Of The Son Of Man 8/25/1983

The House Of God 3/16/2008 Radio 1 Timothy 3:14-15  

The House of Judah-Pleasant Plains 8/21/1981

The Importance Of A Good Name-6/23/1986 Big Harpeth

The Importance Of The Resurrection 2/19/1985

The Importance of Zeal

The Jews Require A Sign-6/23/1984 Blakemore

The Just Shall Walk by Faith-6/27/1987 Gore Ohio

The Lamb 7/28/1979

The Last Part of The Last Days - Jackson 2/29/2004

The Law Made Nothing Perfect

The Leaves Of Life

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah 12/3/2006 Radio Revelation 5:1   

The Long Route-Tending Sheep-8/21/1982 Eureka

The Longsuffering of God-6/23/1985 Big Harpeth

The Longsuffering of God-8/24/1985 1 Peter 3:20 Eureka  

The Lord Jesus Christ-8/5/1999

The Lords Pleasure

The Man Christ Jesus-7/28/1976 Cool Springs The Middle Man-Revelation 13 1/12/1977 Lubbock TX   

The Miracle of Manna 8/13/2011 AM - Bethel

The Name Of Shiloh-Little Union 1/26/1986

The Negative View of Election

The New Birth 8/18/1982

The Night Is Far Spent

The Northern Iron

The Outstanding Man-Little Union 1/23/1983

The Physician 11/28/1976 Little Zion

The Potters Power Over The Kingdom Of Heaven

The Presence Of God

The Presence Of The Lord

The Pressure to Produce - 8/24/1979

The Promises of God in Him Are Yea and Amen

The Real Astronauts-Vero Beach FL

The Real Isaac-12/30/1979

The Reign Of Christ

The Right Hand Of God

The Sacred Postage Stamp-4/20/1976 Bethlehem PBC

The Scars of Jesus Christ

The Second Born-Bethel 3/23/1977

The Seven Feast

The Shalls Of The Bible 6/24/2001

The Sheep Of God-John 10 10/20/1986   

The Silence Of God

The Sovereign Power Of God 2/24/2008 Radio

The Sovereignty of God-10/16/1985

The Sovereignty Of God Over Time

The Spirit Not Spiritual-8/7/1999 Bethel

The Steps Between Me And Death

The Subject of "Assurance" - 1 John 3:16- 8/11/2012 PM  

The Subject of Hope - 8/8/2010

The Success Fantasy - 8/8/2009

The Success Fantasy 8/8/2009

The Son/Son Stood Still -8/7/2009 PM The Sun/Son Stood Still 8/7/2009

The Swelling Of Jordan-Jeremiah 12:5 Cinn 1996   

The Third Day-1 Corinthians 15:3-4  

The Third Day-4/30/1995 New Hope The Three Eyed Monster

The Three-In-One Godhead 8/7/2010

The Tower of Babel

The Two Calendars Of Israel

The Two Covenants-11/25/2001 Jackson PBC

The Two Covenants-2/26/2000 Tyler

The Two Jerusalems

The View Of Jesus Christ in Isaiah 53 8/10/2005 PM   

The Virgin Birth Of Christ

The Voice Of The Holy Ghost

The Way Truth And Life-John 14:6   

The Wedding Feast

The Wicked Have No Changes

The Woman At The Well-10/23/1986

The Word of Reconciliation-Romans 5:10 Bethel 8/10/2001   

The Work Of The Holy Spirit 3/21/1985

The Works Of God-John 6:28 11/5/2006 Radio   

The Wrath To Come

The Yokes Of The Bible

Their Works Follow Them

There Are No Contradictions

There Is A Difference-Tired Creek

Theres But A Step Between Me and Death-1/27/1980 Little Union Lithia FL

They Fear Not God Because They Have No Changes

They That Sow In Tears Psalms 126:5-6   

Things Above Or From Above 4/2/2006 Broadcast

Things Are Not As They Seem

Things Are Not What They Seem 8/12/2007 AM Bethel Ecclesiastes 7:10   

Things Beautiful in His Time

Things I Have That God Does Not - Providence 4/26/2002

Things I Have That-God Does Not 6/28/2002 Beulah

Things I Have That God Does Not Have-6/23/2002

Things Jesus Never Did

Things Jesus Said on the Cross

Things People Can Lose

Things That Accompany Salvation 7/23/2006 Radio

Things That Accompany Salvation 5/31/2009 Radio

Things That Do Not Change

Things That Don't Change

Things To Do Before Winter-1/21/1984

Things To Do To Hold On To Our Blessings 8/26/1984

Things We Can't Get Back

Things We Can Lose

Things We Couldn't Do Without

Things We Have God Does Not-Luke 9:56   

This World-That World 3/9/2008 Radio Matthew 13:1   

This World-That World 11/1/1989

Thou Hast Ascended On High - 8/6/2010


Thoughts Of God

Three Appearances of Jesus Christ-Jackson 1/27/1988

Three Aspects Of Home

Three Basic Laws Of Wisdom

Three Books That Declare Gods Glory-Psalm 19:1   

Three Courtrooms 1/21/1983 Little Union

Three Criticisms

Three Essential Facts Exodus 14:30   

Three Kinds Of Expectation-5/28/1994 Beulah

Three Phases of Wedding-Beulah 6/30/2002

Three R's

Three Types of Sin - 8/10/2012 PM - Bethel

Thy Word And Light-Senter 4/17/2008 PM

Thy Word Is A Lamp-High Point 3/19/2008 Psalm 119:105   


Time Brevity Sure-Measure

Timely Salvation - Hebrews 11:29 - 8/9/2014 AM - Bethel  

To Whom Do We Preach And Where Do We Preach


Trials Of Gods People

Tribulations John 17:1   


True Death Of Christ-John 19:1   

True Worship 12/29/1984 Tired Creek

Try The Spirits

Two Counsels Psalm 33:10   

Two Covenants of Service-1/27/2005 Jackson

Two Curses In The House

Two Curses of Judah

Two Kinds Of Salvations-1/4/2009 Radio

Two Powerful Witnesses To The Truth

Two Powerful Witnesses To The Truth 5/2/2010 Radio

Two Powerful Witnesses To The Truth-2 Peter 1:12  

Two Questions

Two Sides of Man

Two Types of Churches-Jackson 11/30/1997

Two Types Of Salvation

Two Types of Salvations in the Bible-8/8/2002 Bethel

Two Witnesses-11/23/2002

Types Of Servant

Under The Sun

Understanding-1 John 5:19-21 2/26/1994  

Undeservingly Blessed For The Sake Of Others 8/28/1983


Usward 2/19/2006 Broadcast

Waiting on the Lord-Isaiah 40 Floydada   

Waiting On The Lord

Walk In The Spirit - Galatians 5:16-18 - 4/20/2008 AM   

Warfare-Jackson 3/30/2002

Was Peter The First Pope

Watchman What Of The Night 5/23/1987

Water Baptism

Ways We Belong To Christ - 12/2/2005

We All Do Fade As A Leaf

We Have Forsaken All And Followed Thee-What Shall We Have

Weapons Of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal 8/25/1984

What Do These Stones Mean 8/28/2008

What Happened In Between

What Happened on Pentecost-1977

What Happens When We Die 10/20/2006 Bethany

What Happens When We Die-4/28/1980

What Is That In Thy Hand

What Is Truth

What Manner of People

What Manner Of Spirit Are Ye Ruled Of

What Purpose Did The Law Serve

What Purpose Did The Law Serve? - 6/5/2007

What Then-Ecclesiastes 12:1   

What Think Ye Of Christ

What Time Is It-Beulah 06/27/2003

What We Do See Now 8/22/1984 What We Write 5/4/2008 Radio

What's In A Name? - Exodus 20:7 - 8/10/2014 AM - Bethel  

When Jesus Was Returned

Where Did The Devil Come From

Who Is My Neighbor 7/8/2007 Radio

Whose Son Is He 6/17/2007 Radio


Why Baptize

Why Do We Have Four Gospels

Why Men Preach the Gospel-10/28/1985

Why Parables-3/29/2002-Jackson

Why Salvation Is Not By Works

Why There Are Four Gospels

Why We Meet on The First Day Of The Week

Wild Asses Colt

Wild Asses Colt 2

Will All Of God's Elect Believe And Obey The Gospel 3/20/2007

Will All of God's Elect Believe and Obey the Gospel? - 3/20/2007

Will All of the Elect Hear and Obey the Gospel 9/21/2002

Will All The Elect Hear The Gospel Galatians 3:8   

Will and Testament of Christ-August 197[1]

Wine, Oil, Bread 8/28/1983


Wisdom 8/11/2007 PM Bethel

Wisdom 2

Without Excuse-11/29/1998 Luke 14:16 Jackson PBC   

Witness Of Nature-Jackson PBC 5/24/1998

Word of God-Cool Springs

Word Of God Rightly Divided

Word Of Lord Not Straitened

Word Of Reconciliation-Romans 5:10   

Words To Live By 7/30/2006 Broadcast

Work Of The Holy Spirit

Works Of The Flesh - Fruit Of The Spirit - Galatians 5:18-26 4/27/2008 AM   



Worthy Is The Lamb 12/10/2006 Radio

Worthy Is The Lamb 12/17/2006 Radio

Wrath Restrained 10/5/2008 Radio Psalm 76:10   

Ye Are Our Epistle-5/4/2008 Radio

Ye Have Forgotten 11/20/2002 PM

Ye Have Lien Among The Pots

Ye Shall Have Tribulation-John 17:1   

You Are A Prisoner

You Reap What You Sow Zeal 8/16/1982